Friday, June 7, 2013

Find the right fit!

Each of our residence buildings has their own individual qualities and characteristics.  We are sure that there is bound to be a space that we offer that you can eventually call home!  Living in residence will provide you with unlimited opportunities to make friends and get involved.  We cannot stress enough that residence is more than just a convenient place to live; it is a learning space that assists in bridging the gap between high school and university.  Whether you want a communal atmosphere, similar to  the one you have at home, or a space that is more private and quiet Rye Rez has got you covered!

We tried our best to capture the essence of all three of our buildings below.  If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us on any one of our social media spots ( - or email us at!

O'Keefe House
The bonds that tie together the community over at O'Keefe House are rooted in tradition.  Think of O'Keefe House as the perfect home away from home.  O'Keefe House may be the perfect fit for you if you are worried that homesickness will prevent you from adapting to life at Ryerson.  While every one of our buildings have their own united community O'Keefe House upholds a homey feel that really is something special.  O'Keefe House may our smallest residence, but it arguably has the most heart.  O'Keefe students are always an inseparable group.  Upper-year O'Keefers work to sustain the house's traditions by organizing events that the community has put on for years.  Since the O'Keefe crew is not obliged to be on a meal plan you can often find them cooking together in their large community kitchen.  While some may find the communal atmosphere chaotic no one can deny that O'Keefe is everyone's favorite slice of home-life on Ryerson campus.    

ILLC - International Living Learning Centre
Almost ten years ago, up and coming rapper Chingy teamed up with hip-hop icon Snoop Lion (still known as Snoop Dog at the time) to express to listeners their admiration for staying over at Holiday Inn hotels and resorts.  If you, like Chingy and Snoop, admire the privacy and luxury of a hotel  then ILLC may be the spot for you to reside in your first year.  Every student in this former hotel-turned residence is shacked up in a private room with their own bathroom and television.  ILLC is home to Maggie's Eatery, the newly renovated restaurant which serves some of the tastiest dishes on campus.  The building also features some of Ryerson's most comfortable and stylish study spaces on its main floor (But this a residence student's best kept secret so be sure not to pass that on!)     

Pitman Hall
If you have ever seen a movie or television show about university life it more than likely took place in, or featured a residence building that resembled Pitman Hall.  While Ryerson is known for doing almost everything different than other institutions across the country, Pitman Hall offers residence living quarters similar to those available at the school your best friend goes to 3 hours north of the city.  Home to 565 students, Pitman boasts a lively  crowd and active community.  With 4 room styles available Pitman offers a living space to accommodate the rooming preferences of any prospective student. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Meet your Rez O-Team for the 2013-2014 year!

This week we are going to take the opportunity to introduce all of you to the brains behind #RezOWeek2013.  Your Rez O-Team is a trio of former Residence Advisors who cannot wait to show you a good time when you move in August 25th!

Karina Maynard, Rez Orientation Lead

Hey Rye Rez 2013/2014! I’m Karina and I’ve been working with student housing services for 3 years and this summer I’m busy planning a fantastic Rez Orientation week for all of you! I’ve experienced orientation week 4 times now and it is such a fun and important part of the school year so I’m really excited to be a part of planning it this year so I can show all of you just how amazing Ryerson is!

This summer I’m looking forward to traveling a bunch visiting family and friends, enjoying music, the outdoors and BBQs! I went to Denmark in May for 2 weeks to visit my family, it’s been 3 years since I last saw them so it was really nice to see them again. In June I’m also going to a 3 day music festival in Delaware with some friends and to Alberta for a wedding! In July and August I’m going to escape to my cottage as much as I can and get ready for all of you to move in of course.

We’re spending the entire summer getting ready for you and making sure everything is perfect so get ready for a fantastic year to come! Living in rez has been an amazing part of my undergrad career so I can’t wait for all of you to move in and for your journey to begin. HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE! 

Hannah Van Dyk, Rez Orientation Human Resources and Event Management Lead

Hello future Rye Rez students! My name is Hannah Van Dyk and I am the Human Resources and Event Management Lead for your residence orientation. That’s just a big fancy way of saying that I do a lot of communication management for the incoming residence life staff, I act as the Head ROC (Ryerson Orientation Crew) for residence during O-Week, and I'm planning spirit events for you all to participate in!
A little bit about me and my Ryerson journey - I come from Jarvis, a small town about 45 minutes south of Hamilton. I'm a third year student at Ryerson, going into my first year of ACS (Arts and Contemporary Studies) after two years in the journalism program. I worked in residence last year as a Residence Advisor, and I loved every moment of it. Residence is where I met my closest friends from Ryerson, but more than that, residence has become my second home.

My favourite things include Coca Cola (but I’m not drinking any in 2013), writing, volunteering in Hamilton and Toronto, travel, and cheering for the Ryerson Rams with my best friends on weekends. I’m known for my blue and gold love, my blue and gold striped socks, my blue and gold toms, my Ryerson t-shirt collection (ten and counting...) and for occasionally wearing face paint to class. Blue and Gold Day is my favourite day on campus, and I can't wait for you to all participate in it!
And as my photo demonstrates, I am so excited for you all to be here in residence - rez is my favourite place on campus, and I’m so excited to share the love and spirit I have for Ryerson with all of you. I cannot wait to be cheering with you all at Water Olympics Day, or rocking out at the O-Week basketball game. I hope you are all having a phenomenal and restful summer and I can't wait to welcome you home on August 25, 2013 - only  85 days left!


Alex McKaig, Rez Orientation Online Community Manager
Hello Rye Rez!  We cannot wait to welcome you with open arms!  My name is Alex McKaig and I am the third member of the Rez O-Team!  As the Online Community Manager I am responsible for establishing and maintaining all of our online communities so that YOU, our incoming students, are acquainted with Rez and our great city before you move in!  I am a recent graduate of Ryerson's Arts and Contemporary Studies Program, however my time at Ryerson has not reached its end just yet!  In the Fall I will be beginning graduate studies in Ryerson's Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration program.  I just want to let you all know that you better prepare yourself for what will sure be one of the best years of your life!  I never got the chance to experience my first year at Ryerson in residence.  After commuting for a year I wanted to get involved!  For the last three years I have lived and worked in Pitman Hall as a Residence Advisor.  I have lived with just over 150 students in my three years and I gotta all are in for something special.  Get ready to meet the friends you are likely to hang on to for years to come!  The community in residence is unlike any other on campus. 
In my spare time, when I am not raving about residence life, you can find me concert hopping (I dropped $200+ dollars on a Beyonce ticket - I have absolutely no regrets), gallivanting about music festivals (heading to Firefly and Osheaga this summer!), and critiquing the films at your local cinema (Yes, I LIKED Spring Breakers). 
See ya'll soon!  


Friday, May 24, 2013

Top Reasons why YOU should snag a spot in Rez next year!

In no particular order here are a few reasons why we think you should consider applying to live in residence during your first year at Ryerson!

1)  It's fun!
There's always something going on at Rye Rez. And the best part is…you don't have to wait to be invited! Regularly organized programs are a significant part of the residence experience.  #RezOWeek2013 is only the beginning!

2)  The connections
Living on campus gets you closer to the action. You'll find not only find it easier to participate in groups and clubs, but also find it easier to connect with academic support and resources. And you'll make stronger personal connections simply because you see many of these people all day, every day. We like to think that the relationships formed in residence are especially valuable.  It is very likely that you’ll be able to count on those connections for support for many years to come!
3)  Safety and security
Living on campus gives you the benefits of being out on your own with the assurance of safety.  Staff at the Residence Service Desks monitor building access 24/7 in order to ensure our residence buildings are as safe as can be.

4)  Support for your education

There are countless opportunities for academic support. At Rye Rez we have live in student-staff who are there to help you succeed!  Academic Links (ALs) are here to help answer any questions you may have about your classes, assignments, and academically-centered resources on campus.

5)  Community

One of our main priorities at Ryerson Student Housing Services is to ensure that you feel that you’re a part of the residence community from the moment that you move in.  As soon as you arrive on August 25th you will begin meeting a ton of new people.  Before you know it, Rye Rez will become your “home away from home”. 

6)  Convenience. 
This one is obvious!  The hassle of commuting is non-existent when living in residence.  You are always connected to campus 24/7.  Take advantage of this opportunity: Visit your professors when they are in their office hours.  Take a nap in that hour break between classes.  Forget packing a lunch, as long as you have your One Card on you food is nearby wherever you are on campus!

Below is a link to our online application!  Be sure to get yours in by June 7th in order to be consider for our first round of admissions!

See you soon!
Only 92 days!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Summer operations at Rye Rez have officially begun.  As soon as we said goodbye to our 2012-2013 residents we begin major prep for the 2013-2014 year.  Our online application opened May 1st!  Make sure to get those completed applications in by June 7th if you wish to be considered for our first round of offers (which will be released June 21st).  While we still have 99 days to go...we already are so excited to have you all moved in and ready to begin your first year at Ryerson with us!

Of course we couldn't allow you to arrive without giving you a proper introduction!  Fear not!  #RezOWeek2013 is going to blow your mind! While the O-Team may have only settled into their offices a short while ago, they are already working on putting together a week that we are sure that you will never forget.  We are quite confident that by the time the big week is over you will be calling Rye Rez your "home away from home". 

This blog will be updated weekly to tell the stories of Ryerson and Rye Rez.  We hope that this space will enhance your first year experience at Ryerson.  One of our goals this year is to get our students more acquainted and familiar with the city.  Far too often Rye Rez students become too comfortable in the residence bubble and fail to explore the vibrant neighbourhoods that Toronto has to offer.  Building community is one of our primary objectives here at Rye Rez.  Over the summer we hope to connect you with your new city, your new school and your new home so that your transition into your first year will be as smooth as possible.  The blog has got you covered - from introductions to our O-Team and your staff team, to your new favorite hang out on campus... It will all be right here ALL YEAR ROUND!

Be sure to add us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for immediate updates on everything related to the application process and #RezOWeek2013.  Please also use these spaces to ask any burning questions you may have.  We are more than happy to help you!


 Only 20 days until rez applications and deposits are due!

34 days until first offers are sent out!

AND 99 days until MOVE IN DAY!  We cannot wait to meet YOU!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Office Closure

Our office will be closed for the winter break: Dec 21-Jan 6. If you have any inquires  send us a email ( or leave us a voice-mail message (416-979-5284) and we will get back to you on January 7th, 2013!

Also don't forget although residence reopens on Jan 6th at NOON for our residents, food services does not reopen until Jan 7th- so plan ahead for meals on January 6th!

Have a great and safe holiday!

Student Housing Services


Movember is a month-long initiative that strives to raise awareness about men’s health issues.  Now several years running, it is common to see men grow moustaches during the month of November as a visible sign of their support for the cause, some fundraising to benefit research and programs regarding prostate cancer, “male cancers below the waist” and men’s mental health. 
At Ryerson Residence, three of the living learning communities (Healthy Living, Leadership, and Community Services) coordinated programs and fundraising efforts for the month to support Movember.  “Grow Your MO” T-shirts and blue ribbons were sold weekly in the Pitman lobby, and residents were encouraged to “Donate 4 Dora” (a moustached Dora the Explorer piƱata).  Residents and student staff also decorated the RAC with moustaches with facts about prostate cancer and men’s health.
On Thurs. Nov 29, a Movember gala was hosted in PIT-200 to celebrate the end of Movember and recognize top fundraisers.  A slideshow of photos was shown of residents with their moustaches (real or on a stick J) as well as a promo video starring Pitman RAs Alex Cordner and Brandon Bortoluzzi.  In total, Ryerson residents raised over $2200 for Movember, with notable efforts by ILLC-3 and ILLC RA Zach Bruman.  Aaron Hanek was recognized as “Man of Movember” for being the top individual resident fundraiser, and Heather Sadkowski (Community Leader – Activities) was recognized as “Miss Movember” for her enthusiastic assistance with coordinating the T-shirt orders, the Movember gala and much more!
I’d like to thank everyone who supported Movember initiatives this year!  In particular, a huge thanks to LLC staff Alishia Liolli, Alex Bowmer, Daniel Gosson, and Heather for their tremendous efforts in coordinating this project for the residence community.
Dan Cantiller, Academic Link Facilitator

Thursday, December 20, 2012


On Sun. Nov 25th, the TEDxRU conference was held in the new Mattamy Athletic Centre.  In many ways, this was one pretty cool event – a full day of esteemed speakers from various fields speaking to about 500 attendees (students, staff, faculty, and community members)…all on top the ice of the hockey rink.  Definitely an experience.  I once had a teacher from high school who would open a window in the middle of a Toronto winter day because he said it would keep us alert.  If that’s the case, then there definitely wasn’t any need for caffeine at this conference!
The theme of the conference was “ACT: Be the action that provokes a reaction…”  Among the fourteen-some speakers, the most memorable for me were:
1)      Nam Kiwanuka, former Much Music VJ and Malaria Bites Campaign ambassador, who talked about her life growing up in a refugee camp in Kenya and immigrating to Canada.
2)       Mitchell Kosny and Arne Kislenko (professors of urban & regional planning and history, respectively), for their candid talks about leadership and change management
3)      President Levy and Teriano Lesancha (first person in her Massai village to complete a post-secondary education degree), on travelling to Teriano’s village to officiate a special convocation ceremony and the positive impact of her story in raising support for education in her community.  
All in all, the day was valuable and unique learning experience.  Participants hopefully left with much food for thought and inspiration to act on their passions and influence change.  I was happy to share the experience with colleagues and some of our student staff, and was happy to see that some of our residents were also in attendance.  Looking forward to next year’s conference!

Dan Cantiller, Academic Link Facilitator

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Giving for the Holidays

In partnership with AURA (a refugee and settlement agency), the Living Learning Community – Leadership had the opportunity to sponsor two newcomer families just in time for the holiday season. These families recently came from difficult times, one being a family who arrived in Canada this year, forced to flee their home in Afghanistan. The other was an Iraqi family that was targeted for their religious practice and forced to leave their country.

Ryerson residents worked together this month to raise $250.00 in a short amount of time to support the cause. We were asked to donate food and seasonal items that we believe represent Christmas in Canada. Along with these items, we also included toys and clothing to help the families celebrate their first holiday season in Canada. We would like to say Thank You to everyone who participated. We appreciate your generosity and willingness to help make a difference in other people’s lives this holiday season.

Alishia Liolli
LLC-Leadership RA

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pitman Hall Cafeteria Opening on Jan 7th


Just a reminder to our residents that the Pitman Hall Cafeteria will re-open for the new year on Monday January 7th! If you are planning to return to residence on Sunday January 6th- be sure to plan ahead regarding meals for the day as the cafeteria will not be open yet!

Good luck on exams!

Student Housing Services

Thursday, November 29, 2012

RezHero of the Week!: James Scantlebury

10 Things James wants you to know about him!

1) I'm from London, England, and yes, I have an English accent.
2) I love tea. Especially Earl Grey. Milk, no sugar thanks.

3) I sang in the Southwark Cathedral Choir and appeared live on the BBC.

4) I had an Apple Mac *way* before most people (I had an iBook in 2004...)

5) I can't catch a ball / anything. I have terrible hand-eye coordination.

6) I have rowed solo on the tidal Thames.

7I can pretty much recite the London Underground system

8) I'm a little too knowledgeable about Formula 1 - I could easily name the current drivers, teams and the previous 62 world champions...

9) Give me a map and I'll show you the way to go.

10) #pit8 is one big happy family. We all love each other - perfect when you are 3000km from home!

Congratulations James, you're awesome!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

RezHero of the Week! Jacob Sheffield

10 Things you don’t know about this week’s RezHero, Jacob Sheffield:

1. He enjoys singing
2. He plays guitar, piano, and trumpet
3. He’s Passionate about my program (Nursing)
4. He’s from Nova Scotia
5. He Loves Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother
6. He pronounces “couch” weird
7. He loves microwave taquitos
8. He’s diabetic
9. He wears a black fluffy robe
10. He loves Birkenstocks with socks

Congratulations Jacob! You’re Awesome!

Monday, November 19, 2012

RezHero and Student Staff Appreciation Reception!

On November 15th, 2012, Student Housing Services held an appreciation reception for Residence Heroes and Student staff at the Mattamy Athletic Centre! It was a great success and gave us all an opportunity to formally recognize the incredible community we have here in residence.

ResLife Staff 2012-2013

Rezheros Fall 2012
A message from the Graduate Advisor -Leadership:

"The residence hero program is a program that recognizes students for their day-to-day contributions to the residence community. Students and staff are encouraged to nominate their students and peers for big acts of kindness and the little things that often go unnoticed. Whether it is helping a friend study, helping to plan an event, consoling a friend when their upset or just being an active member of our community – RezHeros are helping to build the residence community. Even though they may think what they do is unimportant – I’m here to tell them that it is. Holding the title of a Ryerson residence hero means that at some point in time they have contributed something positive to someone else’s residence experience. Even if it was just one person, that person will always remember them as someone who added a positive memory to their life. This year the program has been very successful, with over 90 nominations, and that number is reflective of how strong our community really is. Kindness and appreciation is contagious – and in Ryerson Rez, it’s spreading like wildfire! As is said in the RezHero congratulatory letters, residence isn’t just about a place to sleep and eat. It’s about building a community, creating memories and the beginning of life long friendships. 

I want to sincerely thank you all for your continued positivity and invaluable contributions to our community. Thank you for being residence heroes – we salute you!"

Congratulations everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RezHero of the Week!

When one asks Christina Laffey how she manages to stay so cheery all the time, she says she remembers just always being this way; “maybe it’s my last name,” she says, laughing aloud to illustrate her point. This 18-year-old from Whitby enjoys living in the heart of downtown and spending quality time with her friends, whether walking around aimlessly with them or soaking in the nightlife at Yonge and Dundas square. “I just like doing things together,” says Christina, expressing her love of group outings and hanging out; “I’ve played sports forever,” she says, and that seems to explain why she’s so good at fostering team spirit on Pitman 7. Christina has been the spearhead behind at least two community service projects on her floor, including one that collects pennies until the monetary value reaches $25 and then pays for a lifetime’s worth of water for a selected individual in Africa, and this seems telling of her career choice in coming to Ryerson for the Social Work program. It’s “very flattering” for Christina to be RezHero for the week, for sure, but more importantly Christina just seems to be at Ryerson itself – when talking to her about her school life or her floor, the happiness in her words makes it obvious that she is exactly where she wants to be.

Written by: Vibhu Gairola