Thursday, November 29, 2012

RezHero of the Week!: James Scantlebury

10 Things James wants you to know about him!

1) I'm from London, England, and yes, I have an English accent.
2) I love tea. Especially Earl Grey. Milk, no sugar thanks.

3) I sang in the Southwark Cathedral Choir and appeared live on the BBC.

4) I had an Apple Mac *way* before most people (I had an iBook in 2004...)

5) I can't catch a ball / anything. I have terrible hand-eye coordination.

6) I have rowed solo on the tidal Thames.

7I can pretty much recite the London Underground system

8) I'm a little too knowledgeable about Formula 1 - I could easily name the current drivers, teams and the previous 62 world champions...

9) Give me a map and I'll show you the way to go.

10) #pit8 is one big happy family. We all love each other - perfect when you are 3000km from home!

Congratulations James, you're awesome!

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