Friday, April 10, 2009

Award Banquet - Congratulations to all Student Housing Staff

With another year end banquet celebration behind us, it would be appropriate to take a moment and congratulate all Student Staff that has made this past/current year a success.

Some congratulations will come from the residents themselves, some from the full time housing staff, some from the parents, professors, etc. - the list goes on.

Whether the congratulations is spoken or unspoken, the impact has certainly been felt by all those that this particular group of young people have come in contact with.

A big congratulations goes out to all of them by the whole Student Housing Community!

Some of the notable winners of this year banquet are as follow:

Julia Louie Award
Valerie Bruce

Ted Brock Award
Mary Kelly

Brian Muscat First Year Student Leader Award
Kyra Whale & William Phipps

Liza Nassim Returning Student Leader of the Year Award
Michelle Barker

Marion Creery Residence & Campus Life Award
Sean Carson

Program of the Year - Section
Kate Archer - Helping Hands

Program of the Year - Residence Wide
Bachelor / Bachelorette Auction

Residence Advisor Partner of the Year
Kwame Bloomfield

Academic Link Partner of the Year
Chris Beninger & CLA Program

Residence Council Partner of the Year
Toby Whitfield

Residence Service Desk Partner of the Year
Paul McGrath

Residence Advisor Team Player of the Year
Kirstyn Moore

Academic Link Team Player of the Year
Gwen Elliot

Residence Council Team Player of the Year
Kyra Whale

Residence Service Desk Team Player of the Year
Nicole Wolfe

Congratulations, once again, to all Student Housing Student Staff of 08-09.

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