Monday, April 23, 2012

Annual Student Leader Appreciation Banquet 2011-2012

Ryerson Student Housing Services held their annual Student Leader Appreciation Banquet on  April 14th, 2012 to recognize and thank all of the student leaders who contribute to residence at Ryerson. 

Award winners include:
Partner of the year awards are presented to individuals that each team created a strong partnership and bound with, and ensuring the team had achieved success in their position.
Academic Link Partner of the Year: Joanna Holt, Counselling & Student Development
Residence Advisor Partner of the Year: Nick Asquini, Ryerson Athletics and Recreation
Residence Service Desk Partner of the Year: Bill Oosterholt, Ryerson Security & Emergency Services

Team Player of the year awards are presented to individuals on each team who were identified as most exemplifying team spirit and going over and beyond their responsibilities to contribute to the team.
Residence Advisor Team Player of the Year: Trevor Coll
Academic Link Team Player of the Year: Zachary Parkhurst
Residence Service Desk team Player of the Year: Tucker Vendrig

Program of the Year for Section and Residence Wide are presented to the programs that developed, marketed and run a outstanding and successful program in either their section or the residence as a whole.
Program of the Year- Section: Google Docs
Program of the Year- Residence Wide: Rez Cup

Listed below are this year’s individual awards with recipients;

Ted Brock Award recognizes an upper-year O’Keefe House residence who has made great contributions to the Housing during their time there, the recipient this year was Dakota Leslie and Allyn Palmer.

Julia Louie- Memorial Award is presented annually to a Residence Student Leader who has demonstrated exceptional devotion and exemplifies a position attitude, the recipient this year was Patricia Skagen-Emokpae.

Marion Creery Residence & Campus Life Award is presented to a residence student leader that has displayed a passion, energy and commitment to connect the residence community to campus life. The recipient this year was Abby Davis.

Brian Muscat First Year Student Leader Award is presented to a new leader who has demonstrated strong leadership, an excellent ability to connect with their peers and has gone above and beyond their duties to improve the residence community or the student experience. The recipient this year was Alishia Liolli &Zachery Parkhurst

Liza Nassim Returning Student Leader of the Year Award is presented to a residence student leader who has lead by example, been a excellent role model to other student leaders and has made a lasting contribution to residence and campus life at Ryerson. The recipient this year was Mhairi Treharne.

We would like to take the opportunity again to thank all of our student leaders and congratulate the winners on their achievements.


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