Friday, May 31, 2013

Meet your Rez O-Team for the 2013-2014 year!

This week we are going to take the opportunity to introduce all of you to the brains behind #RezOWeek2013.  Your Rez O-Team is a trio of former Residence Advisors who cannot wait to show you a good time when you move in August 25th!

Karina Maynard, Rez Orientation Lead

Hey Rye Rez 2013/2014! I’m Karina and I’ve been working with student housing services for 3 years and this summer I’m busy planning a fantastic Rez Orientation week for all of you! I’ve experienced orientation week 4 times now and it is such a fun and important part of the school year so I’m really excited to be a part of planning it this year so I can show all of you just how amazing Ryerson is!

This summer I’m looking forward to traveling a bunch visiting family and friends, enjoying music, the outdoors and BBQs! I went to Denmark in May for 2 weeks to visit my family, it’s been 3 years since I last saw them so it was really nice to see them again. In June I’m also going to a 3 day music festival in Delaware with some friends and to Alberta for a wedding! In July and August I’m going to escape to my cottage as much as I can and get ready for all of you to move in of course.

We’re spending the entire summer getting ready for you and making sure everything is perfect so get ready for a fantastic year to come! Living in rez has been an amazing part of my undergrad career so I can’t wait for all of you to move in and for your journey to begin. HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE! 

Hannah Van Dyk, Rez Orientation Human Resources and Event Management Lead

Hello future Rye Rez students! My name is Hannah Van Dyk and I am the Human Resources and Event Management Lead for your residence orientation. That’s just a big fancy way of saying that I do a lot of communication management for the incoming residence life staff, I act as the Head ROC (Ryerson Orientation Crew) for residence during O-Week, and I'm planning spirit events for you all to participate in!
A little bit about me and my Ryerson journey - I come from Jarvis, a small town about 45 minutes south of Hamilton. I'm a third year student at Ryerson, going into my first year of ACS (Arts and Contemporary Studies) after two years in the journalism program. I worked in residence last year as a Residence Advisor, and I loved every moment of it. Residence is where I met my closest friends from Ryerson, but more than that, residence has become my second home.

My favourite things include Coca Cola (but I’m not drinking any in 2013), writing, volunteering in Hamilton and Toronto, travel, and cheering for the Ryerson Rams with my best friends on weekends. I’m known for my blue and gold love, my blue and gold striped socks, my blue and gold toms, my Ryerson t-shirt collection (ten and counting...) and for occasionally wearing face paint to class. Blue and Gold Day is my favourite day on campus, and I can't wait for you to all participate in it!
And as my photo demonstrates, I am so excited for you all to be here in residence - rez is my favourite place on campus, and I’m so excited to share the love and spirit I have for Ryerson with all of you. I cannot wait to be cheering with you all at Water Olympics Day, or rocking out at the O-Week basketball game. I hope you are all having a phenomenal and restful summer and I can't wait to welcome you home on August 25, 2013 - only  85 days left!


Alex McKaig, Rez Orientation Online Community Manager
Hello Rye Rez!  We cannot wait to welcome you with open arms!  My name is Alex McKaig and I am the third member of the Rez O-Team!  As the Online Community Manager I am responsible for establishing and maintaining all of our online communities so that YOU, our incoming students, are acquainted with Rez and our great city before you move in!  I am a recent graduate of Ryerson's Arts and Contemporary Studies Program, however my time at Ryerson has not reached its end just yet!  In the Fall I will be beginning graduate studies in Ryerson's Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration program.  I just want to let you all know that you better prepare yourself for what will sure be one of the best years of your life!  I never got the chance to experience my first year at Ryerson in residence.  After commuting for a year I wanted to get involved!  For the last three years I have lived and worked in Pitman Hall as a Residence Advisor.  I have lived with just over 150 students in my three years and I gotta all are in for something special.  Get ready to meet the friends you are likely to hang on to for years to come!  The community in residence is unlike any other on campus. 
In my spare time, when I am not raving about residence life, you can find me concert hopping (I dropped $200+ dollars on a Beyonce ticket - I have absolutely no regrets), gallivanting about music festivals (heading to Firefly and Osheaga this summer!), and critiquing the films at your local cinema (Yes, I LIKED Spring Breakers). 
See ya'll soon!  


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  1. Wow you guys sound awesome! So glad O-week 2013 is in such great hands. CAN'T WAIT ;)