Friday, June 7, 2013

Find the right fit!

Each of our residence buildings has their own individual qualities and characteristics.  We are sure that there is bound to be a space that we offer that you can eventually call home!  Living in residence will provide you with unlimited opportunities to make friends and get involved.  We cannot stress enough that residence is more than just a convenient place to live; it is a learning space that assists in bridging the gap between high school and university.  Whether you want a communal atmosphere, similar to  the one you have at home, or a space that is more private and quiet Rye Rez has got you covered!

We tried our best to capture the essence of all three of our buildings below.  If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us on any one of our social media spots ( - or email us at!

O'Keefe House
The bonds that tie together the community over at O'Keefe House are rooted in tradition.  Think of O'Keefe House as the perfect home away from home.  O'Keefe House may be the perfect fit for you if you are worried that homesickness will prevent you from adapting to life at Ryerson.  While every one of our buildings have their own united community O'Keefe House upholds a homey feel that really is something special.  O'Keefe House may our smallest residence, but it arguably has the most heart.  O'Keefe students are always an inseparable group.  Upper-year O'Keefers work to sustain the house's traditions by organizing events that the community has put on for years.  Since the O'Keefe crew is not obliged to be on a meal plan you can often find them cooking together in their large community kitchen.  While some may find the communal atmosphere chaotic no one can deny that O'Keefe is everyone's favorite slice of home-life on Ryerson campus.    

ILLC - International Living Learning Centre
Almost ten years ago, up and coming rapper Chingy teamed up with hip-hop icon Snoop Lion (still known as Snoop Dog at the time) to express to listeners their admiration for staying over at Holiday Inn hotels and resorts.  If you, like Chingy and Snoop, admire the privacy and luxury of a hotel  then ILLC may be the spot for you to reside in your first year.  Every student in this former hotel-turned residence is shacked up in a private room with their own bathroom and television.  ILLC is home to Maggie's Eatery, the newly renovated restaurant which serves some of the tastiest dishes on campus.  The building also features some of Ryerson's most comfortable and stylish study spaces on its main floor (But this a residence student's best kept secret so be sure not to pass that on!)     

Pitman Hall
If you have ever seen a movie or television show about university life it more than likely took place in, or featured a residence building that resembled Pitman Hall.  While Ryerson is known for doing almost everything different than other institutions across the country, Pitman Hall offers residence living quarters similar to those available at the school your best friend goes to 3 hours north of the city.  Home to 565 students, Pitman boasts a lively  crowd and active community.  With 4 room styles available Pitman offers a living space to accommodate the rooming preferences of any prospective student. 


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