Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ResHero of the Week! Oct. 1-5th: Jordan Mady

His one complaint about living on Rez, or in Toronto for that matter, is that “you can’t see the stars,” but otherwise, Jordan Mady is doing well enough here to be this week’s ResHero. A student of the Journalism program, Jordan is extremely passionate about writing and enjoys sports, but interestingly is considering writing fiction for a living. Jordan enjoys “how nice everyone is here,” especially his home-floor Pitman 14, and looks up to his RA for all her smiles and cheer. Eager to do good deeds and help those who need it, Jordan’s keep-your-chin-up philosophy in life is as simple as it is endearing. The hunt, as it seems for him, is for “something bigger” to be a part of, and perhaps that’ll be easier to find here than in Sittisville, Ont., but the hunt has begun.  For now, this 18-year-old is satisfied just moving along with his studies and lending a shoulder along the way.

Congratulations Jordan, you're awesome!

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