Monday, October 22, 2012

ResHero of the Week! Oct.22nd: Lauren Poetker

Hailing from Meaford, a small town near the Blue Mountains, Lauren Poetker has found a new home on ILLC 6 and is this week's RezHero. A student of the gruelling Interior Design program, Lauren enjoys the fact that Ryerson's campus is like a small town dropped right into the heart of Toronto, with our very own Lake Devo, our little patch of green within Kerr Hall and our own little statue opposite the bookstore on Gould Street. Lauren has known she wanted to pursue a career in interior design since Grade 8, and speaks animatedly about Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which she has always enjoyed because "people who deserve it" get the makeover they need. The inclination towards helping others seems to be a big part of Lauren's life, as she's the one who many often look to for anything from a clothes-iron to Polysporin. With a particular respect for "anyone who dedicates time to help other people," Lauren has dealt with a big change in jumping from a 5,000 strong town to a city with it's own Backwards-Walking Guy, but she has found "one big family" on ILLC 6.  When not working fervently in her coursework, Lauren can be found hanging out with her floor-family and trying to get to sleep despite all the "night-honking" that habitually surrounds Ryerson.

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