Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rez Hero of the Week- Gerry Houngphilaphet

Gerry Houngphilaphet is passionate about films, design and fashion, but most of all he seems passionate about making friends. Hailing from Hamilton, the 19-year-old has visited
Toronto many times before and is down to help his floor in any way since the beginning of Frosh Week. Whether that involves carrying things for other people or just "being a buddy" when they need company, Gerry is the guy you want. A student in the Graphic Communications Management program, he is unabashedly enjoying his studies here as well; “I did the research before coming here,” says Gerry, “So I knew what to expect.” Citing Joseph Gordon-Levitt as one of his chief personal influences, Gerry says he respects not only J.G.L’s acting chops but also the actor’s online collaborative production company, hitRECord.org, which shares all profits with its contributing artists. Gerry is most animated when he talks about films and the people behind them – on his application to Ryerson, the Film Program was one of his main choices. As a GCM student, however, Gerry still gets to create and be involved in the design industry, and that suits him just fine. When not running around school, Gerry can be found at ILLC 11, where his entire floor is “pretty much joined at the hip.” He doesn’t know who nominated him, but does after some consideration, admit that now he feels like passing the good deed on. 

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