Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Residence Blog post by Mithila Majithia (AL - Image Arts)

Around this time of year, Image Arts students are usually scrambling to write their Art History essays which are worth a hefty percentage of their grade. One of my clearest memories from my first year in residence was the trip to the AGO that my AL [Alexandre Brandt] ran last year to help his students choose paintings to write about. As I settled into my role as an AL this year, one of the programs that I was most eager to run was the art gallery trip.

Since I organized the trip later than Alex had last year, I was unsure of how many students would attend and was pleasantly surprised by the 23 students that were crowding the lobby of Pitman Hall at 6:05 on a Wednesday evening.

We walked over the AGO as the sun was setting and I led the students to the European art section, pointing out the paintings that their professor had selected for them. The next hour was a blur of answering questions, laying out essay structure, and reassuring students that the assignment would not be the end of them.

Overall, I counted the program as a success and left the AGO feeling like I'd carried on an Image Arts AL tradition.

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